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small things come in small packages
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Below are the 11 most recent journal entries recorded in namon_little's LiveJournal:

Saturday, June 11th, 2005
12:32 pm
*after having lunch with Data*
*goes back to work, cleaning the shuttlebay, polishing Shuttlepod 1 to a mirror shine. Sees a group of crewmen come in to do maintenance or something on Shuttlepod 2, since she can not finish the job in here she decides to go to the next place she needs to clean* don't mind me, I just need to leave. *she says before exiting the room.*

*passes by crewman in an unusually busy hallway, pushing her way through them* pardon me, I just need to leave.

*finally getting to the gym and picking up towels, cleaning the change rooms and bathrooms, wiping of the excercize equipment. When she's finished, she smiles and leaves the room. Passing by someone else.* sorry, I just need to leave.

*heads toward Engineering to clean it, pushing past other crew. Muttering to herself* I just need to leave. *tired of cleaning day after day and no one noticing her or her efforts. Frustrated that Foster hasn't called her in to talk for a very long time and wishing her supervisor would give her a day off every now and then instead of making her work day after day after day*

I just need to leave.

Current Mood: frustrated
Friday, June 10th, 2005
2:50 pm
*is in her quarters relaxing, very interested in the book she's reading by

*rereading her favorite passage* Sharla felt like a free spirit running happily, passing through the trees tears streaming down her cheeks she speaks "oh how love can be bitter sweet".

*then continuing where she left off earlier* romance novelCollapse )
Thursday, January 27th, 2005
2:07 pm
*fans self*
Personal log Iwatched all the tapes that I found in liz_cutler's bag. For educational purposses.


Not for the porn, strike that, erotica.


Anyway, I will never be able to look at Captain Archer or Commander Reed without blushing again. They are extremely creative when having sex. Quite a bit of bondage and a bit of discipline too in various forms. Normally with the captain being tied up, handcuffed or disciplined and calling Malcolm sir or captain much of the time. Malcolm treating the captain much like a sex slave.

Oh to be his sex slave... *swoons* It would be almost as good as being Foster's girlfriend. Not quite as good, but almost.

I had thought of posting these movies annonymously to the "Nature documentary" exchange site, but I can't. I know a lot of people on board would love to see this, but they are Liz's and Liz has been very nice to me and I can't put these up without the risk of someone finding out they were originally hers. I wouldn't want her to get into trouble for having them.

I wonder how she got them in the first place?

And I wonder if its normal for the captain to usually be on the bottom and how I would go about finding out?

*puts one of the disks in her pocket to review during lunch.*

Current Mood: introspective
Tuesday, January 25th, 2005
1:53 pm
Science lab 2
ooc: after this occurs http://www.livejournal.com/community/treksoap/354131.html

*goes into the room to clean up the mess. First the glass and the dead fish. Making sure to wear protective gloves.*

*then using a sonic cleanser to get rid of the soaked in blood. And the other debris*

*sees a small bag. Picks it up, looks inside. Finds a medical tricorder, a PADD with entries on it looking like liz_cutler's personal log, and what looks like movie chips.*

*Knows if she turns the movie chips over to Foster, that Ensign Cutler might not get them back so removes them and puts them in her pocket for safe keeping. She'll return them once the Ensign's better.*

*She might even watch them herself, its been awhile since she saw a good movie.*

*takes the bag and its contents to Foster*

Sir, I found something in Science Lab 2 that might give us an idea of where Liz has been. *offers him the bag*

Current Mood: helpful
Friday, June 25th, 2004
12:32 am
*washes dishes at the 601 Club where she got work to fill int the empty days, there not being any work Starfleet wanted to assign her.*

*Hasn't seen Admiral Forrest in weeks and assumes he's forgotten her, her predicament, and all about getting her back to the Enterprise or reassigned somewhere else in Starfleet.*

*It almost seems as if no one notices her here at the 601, even Ruby who owns the place. Wishes she was back on Enterprise, because even if she wasn't noticed at least she was making some small difference.*

*sighs sadly*

Current Mood: lonely
Sunday, February 1st, 2004
3:46 pm
Back at Admiral's
*Johnson takes her back to Admiral Forest* sir, we did every test we could, ending with comparing the results to the PIF's Enterprise detected, their identical sir. She got here by a PIF. *hands Admiral Forest a PADD* here are the results, I'll go back to analyzing the data Enterprise sent back on the Xindi now. *Johnson leaves Namon behind.*

*Namon sits on a chair and looks at Admiral Forest.* so now what? *sees all the PADDS stacked on his desk*

I could help you with the paperwork maybe, do errands for you, just hang out in your office and water plants....? *trails off shyly*

Current Mood: worried
Wednesday, January 21st, 2004
1:15 pm
Lab Rat Story
*sigh* I've been proked, prodded, asked to recount as much as I could remember of my time on Enterprise. I've had 3 full physicals done on me, countless tests, neurological and psychological analyses done on me, all because the scientists are trying to figure out how I got here. They have, as far as I can determine, not yet compared any results to those Dr. Phlox and others have done on the PIF.

I am beginning to feel like a lab rat. Especially as I have yet to be able to send a message to either my family or those on Enterprise. I haven't even been told how long I'll be kept here. There has been a room set up in the labratory for me to sleep in, but whenever I wake in the middle of the night I see one of the scientists at the window watching me.

It's very creepy.

I want to go home, to Enterprise. At least I knew no one was watching me all the time. Heck, very few people noticed me.

I do hope no one gets the bright idea of putting me in a maze till I find cheese. And I also hope I'll be able to contact my family soon to let them know I'm okay.

Current Mood: scared
Sunday, January 18th, 2004
10:58 pm
In shuttlebay.
*polishes shuttlepod 1, getting the sense that it's bored and shakes her head at the thought. Finishes, goes toward shuttlepod 2*

*sees a light gather around her and suddenly is within adm_max_forrest, um his office that is.* Hello Admiral, I am crewman Namon Little of the Enterprise. I'm not sure how I got here from her shuttlebay...*feels dizzy so sits in chair* but I'm here.

Current Mood: worried
Tuesday, January 6th, 2004
1:53 pm
Messy hall, day after party
*has been asked to help clean up after party*

*collects dishes, sweeps confetti, helps stewards wake passed out partiers. Hears about the Phlox, MACO rock act.*

*nods to what must be a still costumed partier with really big ears, told it's Quark.*

*sighs as she continues cleaning*

Current Mood: depressed
Monday, January 5th, 2004
10:15 pm
Access ways
*helping engineering replace circuitry somewhere in the bowels of Enterprise.*

I know I'm small and that's why they have me replace the circuitry here where the passageway is so tiny, but...sigh...no ones come to see how I'm doing and I've been replacing stuff in this section of machinery for hours.

Current Mood: lonely
Sunday, January 4th, 2004
11:03 pm
New Year's dulldroms
*sigh* I know someone had to work tonight. But it would have been nice if someone had talked to me today. No one ever notices me. I seem to blend in the background I suppose. Or at 4 foot 10, I'm so short no one sees me. Well things do need to be inventoried here in the cargo bay. Would have been nice if I could have had the parties music piped in, but couldn't figure out how.

I'll just listen to my Weird Al Yankovic collection.
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